November 2, 2018

From Karen Zarska Styer:

Hello everyone. Another very blessed day as the Lord helped me share with power and freedom the Most Holy Place message. I explained first about the special Day of Atonement and then all about what it means to us personally and experientially.

I shared about my three main root problems (bitter roots) and how the Lord helped me walk through the cleansing experience with Him, (Second Apartment work).

There was hardly a dry eye as I shared the deep stories of my life and how Jesus healed me and set me free.

An update on Pastor Benjamin. I have been a little concerned about how he was fairing with things having moved so quickly with being confronted with a decision concerning our Church and our faith. He has had so little exposure to our doctrines such as the Sabbath, and we have not had any time to address any questions he may have as to the Biblical background to our beliefs. With the Pentecostal pastor here from Nairobi, Pastor Paul, I was praying and wondering how things were going for Pastor Benjamin and the battle that may be happening.

Well, later on in the evening, Pastor Dan (the Adventist Pastor) told me that Pastor Benjamin said to him that he stills wants to join our church, that even though Pastor Paul is concerned about him being involved with the Adventist Church, Pastor Benjamin is still interested in studying with us and joining us. Please continue to pray that the Lord will lead him and protect him!

He looked over the Amazing Facts Study Guides that Christa Negley gave me right before I left the USA. I felt like he needed Pastor Dan to go over them with him. There you have a Bible study in the making!

***I have another prayer request. I have a mosquito bite right under my ear, near a lymph node, that is swelling up and hurting me. I have put a charcoal paste on it and that helped some. Of course, if that mosquito had malaria, that’s another thing all together. Thankfully, I am faithfully taking my malaria pills. Thank you!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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