October 29, 2018

From Karen Zarska Styer:

The latter rain was poured out in a mighty way today! It was like it is when Jesus is there, so I really believe He probably was! Right from the beginning I knew it was different. It was so easy, and the flow was perfect, and everything built higher and higher.

Pastor Benjamin was the one interpreting for me this time, for the first time (he is the non-Adventist Pastor that found us on the website.) He had heard me speak the other times this week, of course, so he knew my message now to some degree. As he interpreted, he was filled with awe and inspiration, sometimes expounding beyond what I had just said to add the passion he felt to the people. As we neared the end we were all crying as the latter rain was poured out! The people were in awe, the way it is when Jesus comes, and He does something miraculous!

The 2 photos below are of a little boy named Samuel. He is from an Adventist family. He really reached out to me a lot at the end of my sermon. He invited me to his house, so we went. He does not speak English. Usually the children don’t know English until they go to school. He was talking so much and so excitedly in Swahili, and the adults around us were saying, “he’s so excited, he has never seen a white person before, and he is wondering why your skin is so white!” It was so cute!


Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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