November 21, 2018

From Meg and Denetra:

The Kenyan people love visitors!! The church is extremely welcoming. Karen Zarska Styer prepared their hearts to receive this message before we came so the Holy Spirit could move in a mighty way.

Denetra shared the message of the cleansing in such a powerful way that we felt the convictions of the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing experience! I 2nd witnessed her sermons by telling stories, just as Jesus told parables to illustrate truth. We can not carry sin into the promised land! Our amygdala responses have to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

Denetra told the people to ask the Lord questions to get to the bitter roots – why we are out of harmony with God. I (Meg) spoke of holiness being “in agreement” with God. He seems to be delaying His coming because He is waiting for a special people to go through the “judgment of the living” process with Him by our side. Only then can the Lord come back to take His bride who has made herself ready!

The sermon ended and Pastor Benjamin went silent in the church for 15 minutes or more! We all felt the power of the Holy Spirit. All of us were crying and confessing our sins.

The church members bonded with us. They said didn’t trust us when we first came because they were unsure of our motives. After they got to know us, they saw that we weren’t there to convert them to a religion but to lead them to an experience with Jesus in the Sanctuary.

I (Meg) was there to 2nd witness the validity of this message and share my experience. God used this powerful message to wake up the people! It was so refreshing. The congregation was singing and praising God.

After the meetings, the people and children flocked around us like little chicks around a hen, just wanting to hold our hands or to hug us and fellowship .

The Kitale people felt so blessed that we came and they grieved that we had to leave. Truly God has given these people the gift of hospitality, love and service.

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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