2nd Story from Karen

I visited an animal park in Kenya after the evangelistic meetings. The dangerous animals were behind fences, of course, but a large giraffe was separated from us only with a thin electric fence. I was able to get quite close to it, talk with it and take close up pictures.

Then I got to mingle with a number of the safe animals that were free to roam without fencing in the park. I could get close enough to the zebras to touch them. The impalas kept a little more space between us, but they were still quite close.

The monkeys – they were just everywhere – all over the ground and in the trees, just like squirrels are in a park in America. The monkeys would run and play all around us. They were so near to us, I felt I could almost touch them too, even the smallest little baby monkeys. There was a baby monkey hanging upside down under it’s mother’s belly, hanging on for dear life as she ran around. It was so cute!

I have a little monkey story before I finish.

At the end of our walk in the park, we sat down to rest on a picnic table. I was sitting for awhile, and then I saw a flash of gray to my left. Pastor Dan shouted, “grab your juice box! The monkey is going to get it!” It was so funny, I grabbed my juice box just as the monkey did and we pulled back and forth a bit with it, but I was stronger, so I got my juice box back! Then the little guy, not wanting to give up, sat down across the table from me at looked at me and put its head up and down, waiting to see if another opportunity would open up for juice! I got a few pictures of him before he took off. I can’t wait to send them to you!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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