December 16, 2018

Denetra, Pastor Benjamin, Meg

The last day we were in Kitale, Pastor Benjamin invited pastors from other towns who had heard us preach, to lunch with us. We were delighted! They took the opportunity to ask questions about some of the concepts we shared. We were very impressed with their spirituality and nobility. Pastor Simon of Sudan thanked us for sharing light about the Sanctuary. He had never understood that the goal of the Sanctuary experience is oneness with God. It was refreshing and encouraging to know that they were hungering for light. As the wise men sought Jesus by following the star, the pastors of Africa traveled to Kitale, Kenya to hear our messages so they could share what they learned with their people.

December 9, 2018

From Meg:

On our first day in Kitale, Denetra and I met Pastor Benjamin. He began to share with me the story of how he connected with Mountain Refuge Ministries (MRM).  Denetra was playing with the children when I called her over to hear an amazing story. Pastor Benjamin told us that he had been fasting and praying for 3 days under the Lord’s direction because he wanted to help his people know God on a deeper level. He knew God wanted to reveal something to him. When Pastor Benjamin finished his fast, he asked the Lord what He wanted to tell him. God told him to look up “Mountain Refuge Ministries.” Continue reading “December 9, 2018”

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