Journey to Kenya 1

Curtis Delzell

My Journey to Kenya began in the oilfields of West Texas. I was following the story of Karen, Meg, and Denetra in Kitale, Kenya, as I drove a big-rig around to oil-well sites. I wondered what would happen to those souls, eager for more clarity from God’s word, AFTER the Americans left. I felt God tugging at my heart. 

Perhaps He wanted me to go to Kenya and spend a more extended period of time in the community; perhaps He could use my pastoral ministry education and experience in helping Pastor Benjamin with the ‘nuts & bolts’ of reformation doctrine on his journey to know Christ and His word in a purer, simpler, more powerful way; perhaps He wanted me to spend time with those people who are genuinely seeking to know the Character of Christ better. How refreshing that would be!

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Why I Donated – donor #1

I supported this cause because it was a clear and present need. The 3 ladies who spent time in Kenya last year, showed us that there was a favorable and enthusiastic response from the local people. I believe such an interest should be followed up in a timely, robust and whole-hearted assault on the citidal of darkness.

Why I Donated – Brenda

I donated to Gideon’s college fund for several reasons. My sister, Karen worked closely with him for 3 weeks during an evangelistic series in Kenya last October. She was really impressed with his dedication to God, his church, his family, and his community.

Arguably, you could say that all of the people she met on her trip to Kenya we’re just as sweet and dedicated to the Lord as is Gideon but she saw a special spark – one we teachers see – that yearning to learn everything!

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Help Gideon & Community

When my sister, Karen Zarska Styer, went to Kenya in October, 2018, I didn’t know what to expect. She began sending me daily updates & photos during her 3-weeks of sharing the Sanctuary message with the people of Kitale, Kenya.

Many of you went on that journey vicariously with her, as I did. We started to get to know these precious people – people who welcomed Karen, Meg, & Denetra into their homes & hearts, people who smile genuinely, love deeply, and devote everything they have to Jesus. They have so little materially but they are wealthy in courage, integrity, and love for their community.

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Gideon Goes to School

Gideon Peddling to School

Gideon Mogaka is a 29-year old husband and father in a small village in NW Kenya (about 8 hrs. from Nairobi). He is a free-lance videographer, choir director, and avid SDA church member. He adores his wife and 4-year old son, Samuel.

Gideon & Samuel

Gideon is also a leader in his community and wants to work professionally with troubled youth.

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Gideon on the Sisters

Before Sisters’ Karen, Meg, and Denetra came to my community, I could only imagine their impact. I worried that my English wouldn’t be good enough or that I wouldn’t be able to understand their English. The first to arrive was Sister Karen. She immediately put my fears to rest by speaking slowly and distinctly. She kept encouraging me to practice my English pronunciation and even tried to learn a few words in Swahili!

Even though Swahili is our first language, all Kenyan children are also taught English as soon as they start school. But we rarely have the opportunity to learn the subtle pronunciation differences with a real English-speaking European or American! I thoroughly enjoyed getting better (I hope) with my conversational English after working with Karen for three weeks followed by Meg & Denetra for 10 days. Continue reading “Gideon on the Sisters”

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