Help Gideon & Community

When my sister, Karen Zarska Styer, went to Kenya in October, 2018, I didn’t know what to expect. She began sending me daily updates & photos during her 3-weeks of sharing the Sanctuary message with the people of Kitale, Kenya.

Many of you went on that journey vicariously with her, as I did. We started to get to know these precious people – people who welcomed Karen, Meg, & Denetra into their homes & hearts, people who smile genuinely, love deeply, and devote everything they have to Jesus. They have so little materially but they are wealthy in courage, integrity, and love for their community.

Let’s join the other donors in support of Gideon’s efforts to become an educated, young leader in this small, Kenyan village. The ripple effect will not be known to us until we meet them in Heaven. They will come up to us and say, “Did you help Gideon? I was one of the people whose life was changed by his work in my neighborhood! Thank you!”


Reception Desk

Donors have already pledged – Donor#1 – $5; Donor#2 – $15; Donor#3 – $7/mo.; Donor #4 – $21; Church group – $50. They are from all income levels from retired to disabled to working full-time.

Author: Kitale Kenya SDA Mission

We are a group of mission-oriented people. Pastor Benjamin found us on YouTube from one of our sermons. He overseas a number of Sunday churches. They seek biblical truth and have thoroughly enjoyed Karen Zarska Styer's sermons about the experiential aspect of the heavenly sanctuary. Meg Smyth and Denetra Gary begin their part of the Kenya trip next week. Funding comes from their personal finances and private donations.

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