Journey to Kenya 1

Curtis Delzell

My Journey to Kenya began in the oilfields of West Texas. I was following the story of Karen, Meg, and Denetra in Kitale, Kenya, as I drove a big-rig around to oil-well sites. I wondered what would happen to those souls, eager for more clarity from God’s word, AFTER the Americans left. I felt God tugging at my heart. 

Perhaps He wanted me to go to Kenya and spend a more extended period of time in the community; perhaps He could use my pastoral ministry education and experience in helping Pastor Benjamin with the ‘nuts & bolts’ of reformation doctrine on his journey to know Christ and His word in a purer, simpler, more powerful way; perhaps He wanted me to spend time with those people who are genuinely seeking to know the Character of Christ better. How refreshing that would be!

I have this fond memory from my youth. My father sat at a table in our dining room studying the Bible, daily. He often encouraged me to seek answers to life’s questions in it. After WWII, he had trained for evangelism at Moody Bible Institute and he tried his best to live and serve in a simple and humble manner. He left that legacy with me. I rebelled against it at times but, that Spiritual influence went deep. I learned the value in studying the Bible for myself.

While attending Weimar College in Northern California, I had the opportunity to be a missionary to Japan as Bible and English language teacher. I spent two years there, teaching and conducting bible studies. I finished my ministerial degree in 1999.

My next opportunity for evangelism came a year prior to 9/11. I did bible studies with folks in their homes in Pennsylvania. To finish off the year, right after the twin towers came down in New York City, Karen Zarska Styer and I spent one month in Caracas, Venezuela, conducting an evangelistic series.

Now, I feel God leading me to Kenya. I hope my story will interest and inspire you. I will try to post a new, short chapter each week. Together we will watch God work!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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