Gideon Moves From Nairobi

About a year ago, Gideon and his family lived in the hustle bustle of Nairobi, Kenya. He worked in construction while his wife was a grade school teacher. Their 3-yr old son, Samuel was often at the babysitter all day and he was beginning to talk. Those who have children know that things you don’t want your children to know or say, creep into the child’s vocabulary!

Gideon made a difficult decision: he decided to forgo the higher wages of the big city in favor of small-town values. He wants Samuel to learn about a loving God by watching his parents; he wants his boy to feel the soil in his chubby fingers as he helps his dad plant a vegetable garden, and he wants him to hear his mother’s voice as she sings in the kitchen and reads him bedtime stories.

Samuel Mogaka

Does this decision to live 8 hours from Nairobi come at a cost? Gideon and his wife are willing to pay the price! These dedicated young parents are willing to make the sacrifices each day to make sure young Samuel knows and loves God. Daily, they spend time on their knees and time reading His Word to set a Godly example for their boy.

Sometimes, when I’m on the phone with Gideon, I can hear a child giggling. Gideon says, “Oh, he’s playing with his mama.” -brenda zarska

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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