Journey to Kenya 2


In November of 2016, I got a friend request on one of my social media accounts. I get numerous requests every week from people I don’t know. I usually ignore them for obvious reasons. This time, I clicked into the account and looked for the telltale signs of a bogus account. It appeared to be genuine. It was a gentleman from Kenya who pastors a church. We’ve occasionally exchanged greetings and light conversation ever since.

As I drove back to Kansas from the oilfields of Texas, I was thinking about Karen Zarska Styer’s trip to Kenya and I immediately thought about the need for someone to continue the her work after she came back to America. I mentioned to my Kenyan friend what Karen was doing and where she was located and we were delighted to find out that Kitale is just in the adjoining county! He invited me to come and speak in his church, if and when I made it to Kenya.

By the time I got to Kansas, I had decided to explore the possibility of going to Kenya and spending a significant amount of time there (3-6 months). I felt God pressing me to move forward so I began settling my affairs, like moving my belongings to storage and spending quality time with my family in California.

Curtis & Coco

It was finally time to head to the East Coast. I packed up my F250 and my best buddy, Coco (a Dachshund) and we began the 2-day trip from Kansas to Martinsburg, West Virginia, the home of Mountain Refuge Ministries. This is the organization that was instrumental in sending Karen, Meg, and Denetra to Kenya in the fall of 2018. I will be working closely with their team throughout my journey to Kenya. Though MRM cannot finance my trip, they will be helpful in gathering the evangelistic and Bible study materials that I will take with me to Kitale.

I need your help to get there. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page

And don’t worry about Coco – she will stay here in the states with her mom!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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