Little Samuel Sees White

Samuel Mogaka

Our village was looking forward to the arrival of Sister Karen from America last October! None of us knew what to expect: Was she old or young, was she easy to know and most of all, would Jesus come with her? I can say with assurance that Jesus came with her! All who met Sister Karen soon fell in love with her. The children loved hearing her stories and they seemed to want to be with her wherever she went.

My 4-yr-old son, Samuel, first saw Sister Karen as she walked to the pulpit that first Sabbath. He could hardly keep his eyes from her and moved to the front of the church seating. After her sermon, Samuel got the chance to shake her hand. I noticed his excitement but I couldn’t quite figure out why he seemed so animated whenever he looked at her.

We all walked around the church grounds and talked and laughed. The further we moved away from the church, the nearer we came to my house. Little Samuel seemed to want Sister Karen to come home with us. Even though he doesn’t speak English yet, he got his message across! He made a great bargain, too! He promised her some tomatoes from our garden if she would come! He took her hand and led her to the house with my wife and I just a few steps behind.

Samuel was still quite animated, speaking more words in Swahili than I’ve ever heard him speak at one time. My wife began giggling. We had to translate even if Sister Karen might be offended. “Samuel wants to know why your skin is so white!” To my relief, Karen broke out laughing. I told her that Samuel had never before seen a white person.

Not only did my wife, Kerebi, Samuel, and I get to spend time with this wonderful, humble woman of God that afternoon, we all became friends during the 3-weeks of her stay in Kenya! We are still great friends and have been introduced to our adopted family in America!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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