Pastor Curtis in Kenya 1

I got into the room at Afrikana Yard at about 9pm last night. By the way, we are 7 hrs. ahead of Eastern Time. Apparently, its not unusual for the power to go out when it rains, which was the state of things as I arrived. My phone and tablet were close to dead when I got here and there was still no power when I left the room today at 10:30am with Pastor Dan.

He and a friend had arrived on a motorcycle. We all climbed onto it and rode into Kitale. (That would have made a great picture). The friend with the bike dropped us off at office of the courier that was hired to ship my luggage from Nairobi to Kitale. I got all 3 suitcases!

Elder Elijah came to pick us up in his car. They took me to a grocery store so I could get a few things to make light meals back at the room. The power was back on so I got all my devices charging right away and made a sandwich.

A cat crawled through an open window and slept on the chair under the desk in my living room after I laid down in the bedroom last night. I may have inherited a cat when I rented this room. We’ll see. It didn’t show up when a severe thunderstorm started rolling through here a few minutes ago. Karen says she recognizes the cat as the one who kept her company back in October of last year.

I got to see Gideon today. You may remember that he was Karen’s videographer when she was here. He is also the choir director of the local SDA Church. He was very interested in seeing the technology I will be using for PowerPoint presentations and bible study aids.

I’m looking forward to my first meeting with Pastor Benjamin tomorrow (Tuesday).

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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