Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2

I woke up today at 5am after a good nights’ sleep, the first good night since the day I slept like a baby after landing in Nairobi.

I consulted with an SDA pharmacist yesterday about back pain after the trip here. One doesn’t have to see a Doctor here to get a prescription! The pharmacist set me up with a couple of different kinds of pills – one is a mixture of tylenol and some strong NSAIDS and the other is pregabalin which I think he said was a muscle relaxer. The whole visit – consult and a weeks’ worth of meds was: 770 Kenyan shillings or $7.70. I felt ridiculous accepting change from a 1000 shilling note so I told the guy to keep it.

I was advised to avoid standing or sitting for lengthy periods until I see the pharmacist again on Monday. Walking or lying down is good for now. The long trip had enflamed tissue that impinged on my sciatic nerve. While I was feeling some relief from the pain resulting from the first doses of nonsteroidal inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxer, the loop pain has prevented me from getting much sleep.

I am committed to resting my back and meeting with Pastor Benjamin here at my room today to develop our weekly schedule.

Author: Kitale Kenya SDA Mission

We are a group of mission-oriented people. Pastor Benjamin found us on YouTube from one of our sermons. He oversees a number of churches. They seek biblical truth and have thoroughly enjoyed Karen Zarska Styer's sermons about the experiential aspect of the heavenly sanctuary. Meg Smyth and Denetra Gary continued Karen's work for the next 10 days. Denetra focused more on the science of the brain and how it processes information while Meg focused on the experiential side of a walk with God. Curtis Delzell, an experienced missionary and evangelist, is currently with the lovely people of Kenya. They want continued Bible study as they seek a closer walk with Jesus. Funding comes from personal finances and private donations. Click on the Donate page for ways you can help.

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