Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2

I woke up today at 5am after a good nights’ sleep, the first good night since the day I slept like a baby after landing in Nairobi.

I consulted with an SDA pharmacist yesterday about back pain after the trip here. One doesn’t have to see a Doctor here to get a prescription! The pharmacist set me up with a couple of different kinds of pills – one is a mixture of tylenol and some strong NSAIDS and the other is pregabalin which I think he said was a muscle relaxer. The whole visit – consult and a weeks’ worth of meds was: 770 Kenyan shillings or $7.70. I felt ridiculous accepting change from a 1000 shilling note so I told the guy to keep it.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 1

I got into the room at Afrikana Yard at about 9pm last night. By the way, we are 7 hrs. ahead of Eastern Time. Apparently, its not unusual for the power to go out when it rains, which was the state of things as I arrived. My phone and tablet were close to dead when I got here and there was still no power when I left the room today at 10:30am with Pastor Dan.

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Journey to Kenya 4

Pastor Curtis Delzell

Curtis just boarded the van shuttle from Nairobi, Kenya to Kitale (about 8 hours away). Finally!!! There have been many twists and turns to the previous leg of his journey but I’ll address that in another blog.

Leonard and Eve, a young couple in Nairobi, graciously opened their home to Curtis over the weekend. Those of us here in America give you a big big thank you! Leo took Curtis to the terminal and waited until the van arrived just a few minutes ago.

Curtis and Leo

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