Pastor Curtis in Kenya 11

I believe that this small group I am training right now, are going to take this message much further than any large evangelistic meeting – which I will do in time. But I wanted a small group of Christians with me that would have a fresh appreciation of being liberated from the tradition of men! I also need Swahili speakers to support me once I start the big meetings.

Small Group Study

I’ve wondered why God chose this group to be blessed with deeper understanding of His word. We know that Pastor Benjamin has stated that it was after asking God for a sign that led him to Mountain Refuge Ministries (MRM)and Karen’s videos on the sanctuary.

Here’s the rest of the story: Pastor Benjamin and his parishioners would gather at the chapel in the evening, one night each week, and pray all night and into the following day. I asked him what night and for how long had they kept up this practice. He said they met every Friday evening before sundown and they shut the doors and prayed all night and into the next day for 2 years!!

I said, “So you guys have been keeping the Sabbath….” We haven’t studied anything on the Sabbath issue yet. I could tell by Pastor Benjamin’s response that he hadn’t thought of it like that before. These people are Sabbath keepers and they don’t even know it yet!! That’s why they are being singled out by God. That’s why God has me here!

Author: Kitale Kenya SDA Mission

We are a group of mission-oriented people. Pastor Benjamin found us on YouTube from one of our sermons. He oversees a number of churches. They seek biblical truth and have thoroughly enjoyed Karen Zarska Styer's sermons about the experiential aspect of the heavenly sanctuary. Meg Smyth and Denetra Gary continued Karen's work for the next 10 days. Denetra focused more on the science of the brain and how it processes information while Meg focused on the experiential side of a walk with God. Curtis Delzell, an experienced missionary and evangelist, is currently with the lovely people of Kenya. They want continued Bible study as they seek a closer walk with Jesus. Funding comes from personal finances and private donations. Click on the Donate page for ways you can help.

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