Pastor Curtis in Kenya 16

Because of my lack of transportation, I was an hour late to my bible study class. Thankfully, the core students waited for me! By God’s design, Pastor Dan made a point of being in attendance. It turned out that the student who translated to Swahili for me, had issues with the topics of the Ten Commandments and Sabbath observance. Pastor Dan’s presence kept him from straying from a true interpretation of my commentary. I suspect that the student may not be back to the study group.

The remainder of the class seemed enthusiastic! I made sure to provide references from the Old and New Testaments. We established that the 10 Commandments are the standard by which all are judged and that obedience is the result of being born again of the Spirit, a free gift of God. Then we discovered that observance of the 4th commandment (7th-day Sabbath) is the only way anyone can declare their allegiance to the Creator and be identified as His people. We also saw in numerous places in the Bible a description of the blessings promised to those who observe it.

I reiterated to this class the reason I thought God chose to bless them with deeper truths and understanding of the Bible and why He chose me to come from the USA to present it. You’ll remember from blog post “Pastor Curtis in Kenya 11” that this class held their prayer meetings from Friday evenings to Sabbath evenings for the past 2 years. Unknowingly, they were observing the Biblical Sabbath. Incidentally, in their marathon overnight prayer meetings, they specifically asked that God would reveal to them deeper truths and understanding from the Word. I believe this is why our little group from America have come to Kenya to present further truth to this particular group of ministers.

Author: Kitale Kenya SDA Mission

We are a group of mission-oriented people. Pastor Benjamin found us on YouTube from one of our sermons. He oversees a number of churches. They seek biblical truth and have thoroughly enjoyed Karen Zarska Styer's sermons about the experiential aspect of the heavenly sanctuary. Meg Smyth and Denetra Gary continued Karen's work for the next 10 days. Denetra focused more on the science of the brain and how it processes information while Meg focused on the experiential side of a walk with God. Curtis Delzell, an experienced missionary and evangelist, is currently with the lovely people of Kenya. They want continued Bible study as they seek a closer walk with Jesus. Funding comes from personal finances and private donations. Click on the Donate page for ways you can help.

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