Images from Camp Meeting in Kenya

Pastor Bill and Karen are back in the States. Pastor Curtis will be leaving September 9 for a short furlough. He will head back to Kenya September 25 for another 3 months.

Here are some pictures and videos from the recent camp meeting.

Curtis is taking the video and talking while looking at the back of pastor Bill. (1:02)

Camp Meeting scene (0:22)

Karen with children

Pastor Curtis in Kenya 19

I had to buy a new battery for my car, which cost me $75, wiping out what was left of my bank account! The battery that came with the car would not hold a charge overnight.

I’m pictured with some of my students: Humphrey Maganda and Gabriel Wangila.

Today in class, we discussed how and under what circumstances God communicates a message through prophets, what kind of message God is sending to the world today and whether we should have the expectation that there would be accompanying prophets.

We really got down to the brass tacs of how the Holy Spirit works, from both the Old Testament and New Testament. The students were so moved that I think if there were sackcloth and ashes available, some present would have made use of them! There was spirit of humility and gratitude for the Word rarely seen.

Some of the students came to a realization that they may have grieved the Holy Spirit and they were glad to now have the Truth! They got the message that we must worship in Spirit AND Truth to please God. I honestly believe they have joined the ranks of The Remnant!!

Last Day of Camp Meeting in Kenya

From Karen:

We actually did not speak at the Camp meeting we have been working with all week, but instead, I was invited to speak at Elder Elijah and Roselyn’s church – the Flyover SDA Church. (They are keeping us as guests in their home.)

The Lord blessed as I shared the whole Sanctuary message – at least what I could share in an hour and a half. They loved it and asked me to come back in the afternoon. I shared for another hour as the people soaked up God’s message!

Pastor Bill and Curtis went over to meet with Pastor Benjamin and his group, impromptu, and presented five pertinent messages in 3 hours and asked for decisions based on their convictions.

Pastor Dan and Elder Elijah came to the meeting near the end and gave very strong appeals to the group, encouraging them to follow the truth and the leading of the Lord in their lives. There were very positive responses. But they need our continued prayers so that each soul will make that final decision for truth! Thank you again for your ongoing support and prayers!

Camp meeting in Western Kenya 2

From Karen:

The Lord has blessed so abundantly! We could sense Him leading every step of the way as we shared the Sanctuary and prophecy messages. Second Apartment light is such a special message. Initially, it seems to be difficult to understand but it wasn’t long before the people were grasping the concepts! The nearness of God was palpable!

Ark of the Covenant
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Camp meeting in Western Kenya

From Karen:

Sabbath was very special – there was a special Pathfinder/Adventurer program that was fabulous and so enjoyable! The audience was huge!

Our programs on the Sanctuary and the closing message of the prophecy seminar came first! Extra people stayed and heard the last step, the Most Holy Place experience of the cleansing. This message opened their minds to new light.

Government Official, assistant chief

Later we found out that a government official, the assistant chief in the area, was in attendance and heard the whole presentation! The Lord is good!

Brenda Finally Gets to Church

I’m Brenda Zarska. I edit and produce this blog. I graduated from Andrews University with a classical music degree. I play for the church service at my little but mighty SDA church in El Dorado, Kansas (near Wichita).

I had my 3rd lower back surgery June 18, 2019. My recovery is going well; however, my sleep schedule is totally messed up! I’ve missed 6 weeks of church because I’m awake all night and get sleepy an hour before church 😴

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Karen and Pastor Bill 2

The Lord is blessing our efforts at camp meeting! The Spirit was poured out as we shared about the Antichrist and the 10 identifying marks of the papacy.

Pastor Benjamin and many of his people attended, arriving on time, which is sometimes challenging.

Thank you so much for your extra prayers! I have really felt a need for the support because an unseen battle going on.

Karen Zarska Styer

Chickens, Rain, and Motorbike Moving!

I’ve been wanting to get a picture of something that seems to be commonplace – moving household furniture on a motorbike!

A Bed Frame & Love seat!

As we were finishing up our Bible study class, the rains came down in torrents! It came down so hard that the chickens took refuge in the church! Puddles and rivers formed immediately.

Here’s a video I shot just 5 minutes after the rain began. The rain on the metal roof is deafening! (1:03)

I’m sorry I couldn’t get this video to view off site but the file type isn’t supported on WordPress. (Brenda Zarska, admin)

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