Happy Sabbath!

Sabbath keepers the world over greet each other on the 7th-day by saying “Happy Sabbath.” Since Creation, God’s people on Earth have been observing the 7th-day as a day of joy and celebration!

Adam and Eve looked forward to spending special time with their Creator from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

Today, Christians who understand the importance of identifying Jesus Christ as the Creator of all things, observe the Biblical Sabbath.

The 4th commandment is the Seal of God identifying Him as the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in the universe. God’s people joyfully accept His seal by observing this memorial.

What do Sabbath keepers do on this special day? We stop our regular work and worship God. We do acts of kindness and healing, and we focus on our families. We rest!

Happy Sabbath!

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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