Brenda Finally Gets to Church

I’m Brenda Zarska. I edit and produce this blog. I graduated from Andrews University with a classical music degree. I play for the church service at my little but mighty SDA church in El Dorado, Kansas (near Wichita).

I had my 3rd lower back surgery June 18, 2019. My recovery is going well; however, my sleep schedule is totally messed up! I’ve missed 6 weeks of church because I’m awake all night and get sleepy an hour before church 😴

I feel that the Evil One is responsible. Friday, I texted a young couple from church (Grant and Rachel) and asked them to pray with me. The 3 of us prayed that I would get enough sleep so I would be able to get to church.

“Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My name…” I got 5 hours of sleep! Not only did I play for the service but I was able to share my testimony with my church family! Everyone was so excited and energized.

There is a great battle going on in this end time. We can all feel it. I believe God is ready to come and get His bride. We must do our part – stay in constant communication with Him. Pick up that dusty book, you know the one…

Find a prayer partner 🙏 When evil and chaos enters your home, call your prayer partner! My prayer partner is Christine. I thank God for her every day! I encourage you to reach out to someone in your church or to someone who is also struggling. Strengthen each other by humbling yourself before God.

My husband and I started reading Patriarchs and Prophets last year – 2 or 3 pages each evening. It took us a year to get to the end. We got to know Jesus! Now we’re nearly finished with Prophets and Kings. Try it in your family!

Here’s the link to the mobile version of Patriarchs and Prophets.

I encourage you to read the 5 books in order – Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, and the Great Controversy. My goal is to develop an emotional relationship with my Creator. I trust that’s your desire too!

Brenda Zarska crocheting

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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