Pastor Curtis is Back in Kenya!

Pastor Curtis is in Kenya for the 2nd three months, as planned. The goal is to prepare the elders to hold their own Steps to Life programs for their congregations. ***************

After meeting with the brethern, our short-term goals are to get student commitments and hold 3 to 5 classes – each class meeting once a week during the week. I will also be teaching at Simatwet on Sabbath & Sunday.

Each of the 4 pastors affirmed their appreciation of the lessons I shared during my last 3 months here. They expressed a desire to teach and preach the lesson series in these new classes.

Nicolas and Pastor Benjamin mentioned that they have already been preaching sermons developed out of the material we covered. They all see clearly how it is possible for the whole Bible to make sense and reveal the Character of God. They believe that the focus on being grounded firmly in the Scriptures, rather than emotion, has enabled them to develop a deeper 1-on-1 relationship with God. Nick has had responses to preaching this that leads him to believe that in a year, there will be thousands out teaching the series.

I made it clear that I could make no promises of any financial assistance at all right now but that I am here and available to teach and provide study guides to those that are organizing classes. I encouraged them to get the classes started and if God opens the door for us to do more days a week or a second session after a meal, we will follow God’s lead.

They also asked me what my vision was for next year. I basically told them that I need more help raising and managing funds so that I don’t bankrupt myself to get the work done but that I would continue in missions/evangelism if it is clear that God wants me here.

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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