Students Want EGW Books

Happy Sabbath, dear ones! One of my study groups are excited with our Bible study and they are ready for Ellen White books to further their knowledge of truth.

Here is a picture of Miriam’s grandson, Josh. He’s always so happy to see me when we meet at Miriam’s house for study.

If you can help with EGW books, click here: DONATE

Miriam Makes Purses

Miriam has been coming to my classes for the past five months. We have spent many hours together studying God’s word. Her commitment to finding truth is unstoppable. She is equally passionate about charity work. She has created a line of women’s purses – the proceeds go to the community center.

Miriam lovingly designs and makes each purse with the help of her friends. The inner lining is cotton and the outer is woollen yarn or thread.

I have limited space in my luggage for my return trip December 24, but I will try to get as many through customs as I can.

Suggested donation for the black purse size is at least $10, for the purple size $15. I’ll need help with the shipping, once I get back to the states. Use any of the multiple ways to send donations by clicking here – DONATE

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