Stuck in the Mud

Story by Christa – Elder Elijah had the car worked on all day Friday. Sabbath morning, he tried to open the hood but he was unable to do so. He called the mechanic who assured him the car would be fine for our trip to church.

On the way home, the car’s generator failed. We have no lights, it’s very dark and elder Elijah can’t open the hood. I am just praying that we will make it home safely. (He really needs another car).

UPDATE: We are now parked by the side of the road while Elijah is calling someone for help. He reached someone to come and pull us back home!!! But take a guess… yes… that person is now stuck in the mud, too!!

Help arrived!

The people in the neighborhood have come to help us! Hooray! Everyone is so cheerful about what I would call a HUGE disaster! No one seems worried. The men are laughing and telling stories of car adventures. Our men back in the states could learn blood pressure management from these guys. LOL

An Elder from a local church arrived on our muddy, happy scene and hooked our car to his with a rope. Things went fairly well until we arrived at our road. It was thick with mud!! Oh noooo!

African Highway System!

The elder’s car slid one way and we slid the other. He slid and we slid but praise the Lord we finally arrived at the gate to the property. Then all the available manpower pushed the car onto the property. Yeah!!!! God – 1 :: mud – zip!

We all tumbled into my house, tired, muddy, and laughing. The water and power were out so we lit some candles and had a candlelight meal. Life doesn’t get any better than that…

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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