A Taxi Driver, 2 Sermons, & the Market

Elder Elijah could not take me to my meeting or do the translating today because he was taking Karen to Keroka.

Taxi driver, Leban

Elder Elijah arranged for an SDA taxi driver to drive Pastor Dan and me to our venue. His name is Leban. He stays with us all day and listens to the message and then takes us home, which is roughly an hour away.

Pastor Dan buying fruit

Pastor Dan stopped at a local market where the vendors come to the car. I find it an interesting way to do business.

Vendors selling their wares

I presented the sermon “Are You a Faithful Watchman” and “For such a Time as This” addressing our special calling and blueprint. As soon as I finished each session, a group met with me for a special prayer session.

Pastor Dan and Christa

Pastor Dan is an excellent translator and we flow well together. The audience members were very attentive and were taking notes. Pastor Dan is really beginning to connect with the message and plans to preach it in the near future. I made an extra copy of the sermons and will leave him my binder. I want pastor Dan to have as many tools as possible for preaching the end-time message.

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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