Christa at Mang’ana

This week, I spoke at a camp meeting that covers many churches. This is Pastor Dan’s district. Once again, he was my translator. I was able to share, in great detail, the steps through the Sanctuary, beginning with the Gates of Praise, the Alter of Sacrifice, and the Laver.

With Pastor Dan and Felt Board

Using fuzzy felts, I showed how each piece of furniture represents Jesus and how it applies to our daily, spiritual walk. Having the Sanctuary felts is always so incredibly helpful as a visual aid. Several men at the meetings rigged up a stand for me to hold the felt board. It took quite a bit of innovation and the stand worked beautifully, as you can see!

Next, I shared with the audience how I have meaningful private devotions. The people were sitting on the edge of their seats listening most intently and taking notes. The Lord is really helping me to make the messages very clear. I have far more sermons with me than I can possibly share!

Prayer Team

A camp meeting prayer team met after each time I spoke and had a prayer session. It’s so fantastic to have such a team to help beat back enemy of God’s people!

The lady in the middle was one of the major cooks for camp meeting. The lady on the right came up to me after the Sanctuary presentation and told me privately that after this presentation her life changed forever! She now has greater stability to her life and has found a spiritual foundation. She seemed so relieved. Praise God!

Kakimanyi Church

I shared with the people that WE are the Final Generation that will
see Jesus come but we MUST prepare our hearts and minds in order to receive the Latter Rain.

I spoke of the Judgement of the Living and how God wants to consume their sins, to be remembered no more. Jesus is our Best Friend; we can tell Him anything. The leadership who were there were actively listening and seemed electrified! It seems that many of the people believe that Jesus is coming very soon but are not aware of the preparation that is needed.

On a more personal note: I have such thankfulness in my heart for these precious, giving people.  They carry all my stuff, make up fruit plates for me and and bring me water. May God reward them for their kindness.

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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