Keroka – Part 2

We (Karen & Gideon) finally got to Gibson‘s group and I was able to jump right in and share the whole cleansing message from beginning to end. The Lord really blessed again. The Adventist lady with whom I’m staying in Keroka, came with me and was very impressed with the message! She is excited about sharing it in her location which is in the town of Kisii.

Gibson, Karen, Gideon

I find it so amazing that the more we share this beautiful message, the more and more doors open up! I wish we could stay here for months and really fan the flames until it spreads like wildfire!

In the morning, I preached outside again, and for the first time since I began preaching in Kenya this trip, I was able to move beyond my five hour complete overview of our entire message 😀 (5-hr energy drinks for everyone)!

Keroka, Gibson’s group

Since I’m staying with the same group, I can move on to new material. I went deeply into the three sections of the sanctuary focusing how to be cleansed in thoughts, feelings, and motives – the work done in the Most Holy Place.

Ark of the Covenant

The audience was very touched and I felt like they understood it so much better than the times I have shared these concepts on the Sabbath morning Zoom meetings. This was very much my goal! I just could never tell if they were really getting it just looking through that tiny little screen on the phone!

During lunch, it rained so we moved indoors. The place was packed with such eager listeners as I did part two on being cleansed on the deep levels of our motives.

Supper time is an important social time for Kenyans. I’ve enjoyed it all!

Supper time in Keroka

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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