Christa, Lions and Exotic Goats

I went to a local animal sanctuary where a wonderful man takes in injured wild & domestic animals. He nurses them back to health and allows the public to enjoy God’s precious creatures.

Grey Crowned Crane
Anatole-Watusi Cow
Dutch Landrace Goat

I really loved going to the market. The sights, smells and variety of products assaulted me in the BEST possible way! I brought ‘home’ ingredients to try in recipes I cooked with Roseline, elder Elijah’s wife, my gracious hosts!

Elder Elijah and Roseline
Christa Pounds Millet
Lady Embroidering at Her Stall
Bananas for Sale
Field of Sugar cane
Sugar cane to Market

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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