Pastor Curtis Needs Transportation!

Pastor Benjamin has the only car available for our group of people!

Pastor Benjamin’s Car

Pastor Dan doesn’t even have a motorcycle. Before I arrived in Kenya, we had raised enough funds to purchase a used motorbike or car. However, the debacle with customs regarding my two pieces of checked luggage (they charged me $275 per bag), most of that $1,000 set aside for my transportation needs was used up for unexpected customs fees in the various countries.

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Curtis and The Quiet Hour

I’m going to share a rather lengthy story about an inmate, a battered copy of the Bible – The Quiet Hour hardcover edition, and a godly man named Keith Johnson.

Bible from The Quiet Hour

I first met Keith Johnson in 1991 as he was leading a weekly Bible study group in a State Prison in Norco, California. I was an inmate firefighter working for what was then called the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF).

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 13

On Sunday, I went to one of Pastor Benjamin’s churches. Here is a snippet of the preaching.

The service certainly doesn’t allow for napping!

Abraham Obidi, church secretary

Abraham, a participant in one of the small groups earlier, translated into Swahili.

Humphrey Maganda

Humphrey, another participant in the small groups, lead the meeting in English, with a 20-minute message on the importance of tithing. Then they took a collection. I did a presentation on the next topic in my guides, THE NEW BIRTH.

Pastor Benjamin got up and offered a prayer in which he prayed in English for the congregation, my meetings, and for individuals – very powerful. Members vocally affirmed.

The Congregation

Sometimes I get asked stateside about senseless speaking in tongues or tongues with no meaning. I have only heard Swahili and a few in Lugandan, a Bantu language – one of the major languages of Uganda.

Oops, Another Chicken Picture!

The Chickens are ever present clucking, cackling, peeping and crowing while they scratch and peck the earth at our feet.

Pastor Curtis and the Hen

Someone is sneaking into my house.

Who is it?
A Chicken!

Maybe she’s looking for a new place to lay her eggs.

This might do.

She has settled down on the edge of that box behind my bedroom door and isn’t moving. I guess she’s going to hang out there for awhile.

How She Got In

The cat might have something to say about this when he shows up at dinnertime.

Resident Cat
She’s still here!