November 15, 2018

From Meg and Denetra:

Hi! We are in Dubai airport getting ready to board to Nairobi. It’s been a long night. We started at midnight from Las Vegas to JFK (5 hrs) THEN 12 hours to Dubai; now 4.5 hrs. to Nairobi. We are amazed that Karen did this all by her big, bad self!

We are totally exhausted. Denetra took a sleeping pill and slept about 5 hours. I slept about 2 hrs, on and off. It was very uncomfortable but we are happy we’re almost there!

October 30, 2018

From Karen Zarska Styer:

Okay, here’s the amazing report for today. Pastor Dan (Adventist Pastor) called for a meeting with me, him and Pastor Benjamin (Sunday Pastor).

With what work Pastor Dan has already done, and then all the meetings he has heard from me, and then the Holy Spirit pouring out when he was translating for me the wonderful message Jesus was giving, Pastor Dan, (the powerful evangelist that he is) asked in the most artful, creative way if Pastor Benjamin would be willing to consider becoming an Adventist Pastor, and leading his extended flock to the Adventist message!

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