Winds Are Released

By Carol Zarska, May 15, 2021

A message from Jesus was given to me after my sermon on Zeph. chapters 1 and 2. Remember that even though this is spoken to me, Jesus wants His messages to go out to include all His faithful children.

“Dearest One,

“I was very pleased with the power of your message this! Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!

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EGW Banned in Some SDA Churches

By Carol Zarska, author, speaker, pastoral counselor

EGW=Ellen G. White – one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church

To all who read this, I wish to preface it with this statement which I received during prayer after questioning the Lord about some in the church who are turning publicly against the Spirit of Prophecy or EGW writings, and encouraging others to follow in their example:

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Shut it down or…

I was going to shut down this blog but there is a steady increase in followers and readers, much to my delight!

So what would you like to see in this space? I can update you on the new prayer and preaching groups and baptisms just this year; I can share links to Zoom meetings in your area; and I can post end-time articles by respected SDA writers and speakers.

Let me know what you are hungry to read. Respond by posting a comment at the end of this post or send me a private email by clicking here

By Brenda Zarska, editor/publisher

Eric’s Judgment Experience

Authored by Eric Zarska, MA, Counseling, son of Ken & Carol Zarska, brother of Brenda Zarska & Karen Zarska Styer

Greetings from inside prison walls. I trust you are all well and trusting in the Lord through this time in earth’s history. I fully believe we are seeing the direct result of God releasing the four winds. If we are under the shadow of His hand we will be cared for by Him and see it only with our eyes. This is a Biblical promise and confirmed by the Spirit of Prophecy.

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Students Want EGW Books

Happy Sabbath, dear ones! One of my study groups are excited with our Bible study and they are ready for Ellen White books to further their knowledge of truth.

Here is a picture of Miriam’s grandson, Josh. He’s always so happy to see me when we meet at Miriam’s house for study.

If you can help with EGW books, click here: DONATE

Miriam Makes Purses

Miriam has been coming to my classes for the past five months. We have spent many hours together studying God’s word. Her commitment to finding truth is unstoppable. She is equally passionate about charity work. She has created a line of women’s purses – the proceeds go to the community center.

Miriam lovingly designs and makes each purse with the help of her friends. The inner lining is cotton and the outer is woollen yarn or thread.

I have limited space in my luggage for my return trip December 24, but I will try to get as many through customs as I can.

Suggested donation for the black purse size is at least $10, for the purple size $15. I’ll need help with the shipping, once I get back to the states. Use any of the multiple ways to send donations by clicking here – DONATE

Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It originated as a harvest festival.

According to legend, the pilgrims and the Native American Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving with a feast.

Today, most Americans celebrate with friends and family. A turkey is at the center of the table along with stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, from your American family to our brothers and sisters in Western Kenya and around the globe!!!

Video Time

Here are 3 videos I thought you might enjoy! They give you a brief glimpse of my life here in Western Kenya.

This is elder Elijah’s compound. The recent campmeeting was held here. (1:02)

The next video is of the Pentecostal church were I’m holding Bible studies in Kibagenge. (2:53)

The final video is another Bible study location, Kongoni. (1:36)

I had to slip in a photo of my buddy, the Resident Cat.

We Need Bibles!

It has come to my attention that some of the students that are attending the classes I teach do not have Bibles. The Gideons used to do their thing out here – but not anymore. It just never crossed my mind that in a country where half of the people and businesses have Biblical names, many do not have Bibles.

Someone took Miriam’s Bible when she wasn’t looking the other day. It is a shame that some of my students are just sitting in class and hearing the teaching and the reading but not seeing it in the Word themselves.

A Bible costs between $10 and $15. That’s a lot of money for people who live on less than a $1 a day. It is cost prohibitive to send Bibles from the US. The best way to help is to send money so that we can purchase the Bibles here in Kenya. Click Donate for a variety of ways to send money.

Car Troubles

The clutch in the car quit working on the way to my first class. The rest of the day was tricky but I managed to pick up people in 2 different locations on the way out to the furthest of all the studies I do. I got the car parked on a hill so that we could have a rolling start after class.

Kenyon Camry

Halfway home, I got stopped behind another car at exactly the wrong spot. We weren’t able to move again without a clutch. Fortunately there was a place nearby that I was able to buy fluid and it stayed in the system long enough for me to get moving, drop everyone off and start on the way home again before I lost the clutch again.

Toyota@ Afrikana Yard

I managed to get the car into Afrikana Yard and parked a little crooked because a dog was sleeping in the dark on the ground where I normally park.  My truck driving skills syncing engine RPMs with the gear box came in handy today. I thank God for His goodness!

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