Camp meeting in Western Kenya

From Karen:

Sabbath was very special – there was a special Pathfinder/Adventurer program that was fabulous and so enjoyable! The audience was huge!

Our programs on the Sanctuary and the closing message of the prophecy seminar came first! Extra people stayed and heard the last step, the Most Holy Place experience of the cleansing. This message opened their minds to new light.

Government Official, assistant chief

Later we found out that a government official, the assistant chief in the area, was in attendance and heard the whole presentation! The Lord is good!

Brenda Finally Gets to Church

I’m Brenda Zarska. I edit and produce this blog. I graduated from Andrews University with a classical music degree. I play for the church service at my little but mighty SDA church in El Dorado, Kansas (near Wichita).

I had my 3rd lower back surgery June 18, 2019. My recovery is going well; however, my sleep schedule is totally messed up! I’ve missed 6 weeks of church because I’m awake all night and get sleepy an hour before church 😴

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Karen and Pastor Bill 2

The Lord is blessing our efforts at camp meeting! The Spirit was poured out as we shared about the Antichrist and the 10 identifying marks of the papacy.

Pastor Benjamin and many of his people attended, arriving on time, which is sometimes challenging.

Thank you so much for your extra prayers! I have really felt a need for the support because an unseen battle going on.

Karen Zarska Styer