Pastor Curtis Needs Transportation!

Pastor Benjamin has the only car available for our group of people!

Pastor Benjamin’s Car

Pastor Dan doesn’t even have a motorcycle. Before I arrived in Kenya, we had raised enough funds to purchase a used motorbike or car. However, the debacle with customs regarding my two pieces of checked luggage (they charged me $275 per bag), most of that $1,000 set aside for my transportation needs was used up for unexpected customs fees in the various countries.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 8

I stood in front of the Pastors and Leadership of the SDA conference a few days ago and shared my vision of how God was using interest, generated by a presentation of the Sanctuary message a few months ago, to encourage Pentecostals in Kenya to earnestly seek further light! As a result, we have been invited back. My goal is to delve into deeper truths unique to Seventh-day Adventists.

SDA Leadership

I shared my vision of implementing small, group Bible Study among the penticostal pastor, his elders and individual parishioners. The leadership chuckled and ribbed each other a bit. I can understand their scepticism. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in small groups might seem unconventional here, but Revelation 14 foretells that it will happen! NOW is the time!

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