Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2.0 Power Out

Ten minutes after I started the movie TELL THE WORLD, we heard a loud crash and the power went out.  The projector I borrowed from the SDA Church, went dark. We all went out front and saw a distressing scene.

Electric Pole Down

A straight truck lost control, went down through the grass and plowed over a pole carrying the main power supply to the town of Simatwet.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Kibagenge Penticostal Church

We prayed for the drivers on Kenya’s roads, announced the continuation of the movie next Sabbath and dismissed the group. We had about 15 people in attendance, 10 were children.

Income Crops Around Church

Next Sabbath, we hope to be able to view the entire movie, which is a history of The Seventh-day Adventist Church. I highly recommend it for your family to watch!

Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2.0 daily studies

After Nehemiah helped to rebuild the holy city of Jerusalem and the walls around the city, he went back to Persia for a time. You may remember that when he came back, things were different from when he left. This was after the 70 years of captivity. You can read more about Nehemiah’s experience in the book Prophets and Kings, Ch.57.When we read about the great men and women of the Bible, we note a common thread: following all of God’s commandments, principles, and precepts is typically not popular. All godly men and women are tested as to their faithfulness and dedication to Him. I’m tested each day and sometimes I trip, sometimes I fall. Are you one of His people that will follow truth no matter whether you’re the only one? —- Brenda Zarska

Pastor Curtis went back to the States for about a month after his first 3-month stay in Kitale. Friendships had been formed and bible study was vigorous! Many committed themselves to the keeping of all of God’s commandments.

By God’s grace, pastor Curtis is back. He is helping those who might have stumbled to get back up! He is there to form new friendships and study God’s Word with any who will hear! Is that you?

Pastor Curtis says: I’m teaching or speaking every day and on some days teaching in 2 different locations. There is a multi-denominational women’s group, a Penticostal church in Kibagenge, a weekly class in Loreto with Pastor Nicholas Juma and his church, another with Pastor John Kasembeli and his church in Kongoni, and Sabbath’s spent with pastor Benjamin’s church in Simatwet.

I’m keeping Friday afternoon free for my own Sabbath preparation. I want you to know how happy I am to be back with my second family here in Kenya! Everyone is so warm and welcoming and I hope to stay even longer, if funding can be found.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2.0 – board meeting

Pastor Benjamin and his church board members let me sit in on their meeting Sunday afternoon. The first item on the agenda was this month’s rent on the church. The property owner raised the monthly rent on the property from 1500 to 1800 Kenyan Shillings ($15 to $18). They were 10 days late on paying the rent. They had raised 1000 Shillings ($10) for it. Two or three of the board members committed to come up with the rent shortfall.

The other 2 items on the agenda were discussions about raising money needed for a couple of worthy church projects. One of them is a cooperative effort that will possibly generate cash for the church in the future. I’ve mentioned such things here and elsewhere in the past and had no one express any interest in helping.

Gloria, Pastor Benjamin’s daughter. She is 10 years old and in 5th grade.

The entirety of the church membership lives off of the land and they barter for what they don’t grow or raise themselves. For these people, opportunities to earn cash come on an occasional basis for which they can make money to pay tithe or for talk-time or data on a cell phone, medicine or some of life’s extras that are available in stores.

Most people here live in cinder block, dirt floor homes with no running water or electricity. I’m just describing what life is like in for these people.

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Pastor Curtis is Back in Kenya!

Pastor Curtis is in Kenya for the 2nd three months, as planned. The goal is to prepare the elders to hold their own Steps to Life programs for their congregations. ***************

After meeting with the brethern, our short-term goals are to get student commitments and hold 3 to 5 classes – each class meeting once a week during the week. I will also be teaching at Simatwet on Sabbath & Sunday.

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Pastor Curtis hospital UPDATE

Curtis is home from the hospital! He responded well to the antibiotics and reactivation of the malaria pills. All testing came back normal.

Doctor Seeber wants Curtis to delay his travel back to Kenya for 2 weeks. He is working with the airline to make the changes.

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Pastor Curtis in Hospital

From Brenda Zarska:

Curtis returned to the States September 20, 2019, after spending 3 months in NW Kenya. He planned to go back to Kitale, Kenya in 2 weeks. He is still planning to return for another 3 months but he will be delayed for a week or two, if all goes well.

He was admitted to the hospital 10 days later after his health deteriorated. Symptoms: fever 103.7, pustules spreading on body (felt like glass shards), swollen feet, burning sensation in hands (very hot to the touch), in & out of consciousness, inflamed throat (even water burned).

Curtis Delzell in Kansas hospital

He is under the care of Dr. Seeber, who has been his primary care physician for many years.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 20

The group with whom I have been studying, got a gift of about 50 kilos of rice and 50 kilos beans to distribute amongst themselves. This was a parting gift from Pastor Bill.

The Sabbath before I head back to America will be devoted to the final 2 lessons in the 34-lesson Steps to Life Bible study guide series.

On Sunday, I pack up my things and move out of my house and head to the bus terminal in Kitale and take an overnight bus to Nairobi. I’ll rest at a friends place in Nairobi on Monday and fly out to the US via Amsterdam just before midnight Monday night. But I’ll be back.

Images from Camp Meeting in Kenya

Pastor Bill and Karen are back in the States. Pastor Curtis will be leaving September 9 for a short furlough. He will head back to Kenya September 25 for another 3 months.

Here are some pictures and videos from the recent camp meeting.

Curtis is taking the video and talking while looking at the back of pastor Bill. (1:02)

Camp Meeting scene (0:22)

Karen with children

Pastor Curtis in Kenya 19

I had to buy a new battery for my car, which cost me $75, wiping out what was left of my bank account! The battery that came with the car would not hold a charge overnight.

I’m pictured with some of my students: Humphrey Maganda and Gabriel Wangila.

Today in class, we discussed how and under what circumstances God communicates a message through prophets, what kind of message God is sending to the world today and whether we should have the expectation that there would be accompanying prophets.

We really got down to the brass tacs of how the Holy Spirit works, from both the Old Testament and New Testament. The students were so moved that I think if there were sackcloth and ashes available, some present would have made use of them! There was spirit of humility and gratitude for the Word rarely seen.

Some of the students came to a realization that they may have grieved the Holy Spirit and they were glad to now have the Truth! They got the message that we must worship in Spirit AND Truth to please God. I honestly believe they have joined the ranks of The Remnant!!

Last Day of Camp Meeting in Kenya

From Karen:

We actually did not speak at the Camp meeting we have been working with all week, but instead, I was invited to speak at Elder Elijah and Roselyn’s church – the Flyover SDA Church. (They are keeping us as guests in their home.)

The Lord blessed as I shared the whole Sanctuary message – at least what I could share in an hour and a half. They loved it and asked me to come back in the afternoon. I shared for another hour as the people soaked up God’s message!

Pastor Bill and Curtis went over to meet with Pastor Benjamin and his group, impromptu, and presented five pertinent messages in 3 hours and asked for decisions based on their convictions.

Pastor Dan and Elder Elijah came to the meeting near the end and gave very strong appeals to the group, encouraging them to follow the truth and the leading of the Lord in their lives. There were very positive responses. But they need our continued prayers so that each soul will make that final decision for truth! Thank you again for your ongoing support and prayers!

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