Christa with Pastor Benjamin

Pastor Benjamin joined us for supper and spiritual fellowship at Elder Elijah’s home. We had a wonderful time together. He has started reading my book, Who Can Stand, and wants to keep in touch with us through weekly Zoom meetings.

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Christa at Mang’ana

This week, I spoke at a camp meeting that covers many churches. This is Pastor Dan’s district. Once again, he was my translator. I was able to share, in great detail, the steps through the Sanctuary, beginning with the Gates of Praise, the Alter of Sacrifice, and the Laver.

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A Taxi Driver, 2 Sermons, & the Market

Elder Elijah could not take me to my meeting or do the translating today because he was taking Karen to Keroka.

Taxi driver, Leban

Elder Elijah arranged for an SDA taxi driver to drive Pastor Dan and me to our venue. His name is Leban. He stays with us all day and listens to the message and then takes us home, which is roughly an hour away.

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Christa Preaches

I have been assigned to the Nangili SDA church for most of this week. Elder Elijah is taking me to and from the church. He is also doing all the translations. Unfortunately, the connection is very weak so I cannot connect to the cloud. Therefore, I can’t film the sermons but God has been blessing us despite the problems.

Pastor Dan and Christa
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Christa Goes to Market

No, she’s not on a motorcycle… Yet!!

Goods to market

Christa Negley is taking a picture from the left side of the car, as the driver is on the right. The motorcycle is a typical transport vehicle carrying impossible loads to market.


This is where we do our shopping. Beans and other dry goods are in open sacks.

Brown millet

Christa doesn’t usually do farming in church clothes but perhaps she’ll start a fashion trend! She is spreading brown millet and later she spreads corn to dry in the sun. It is then ground for a dish called Ugali (you either love or hate it).

Corn drying

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