Curtis Delzell

Curtis Delzell 2018

Curtis graduated from Weimar College with a degree in Pastoral Ministry in 1999. He was a student missionary for 2 years in Japan, where he learned Japanese and taught English at the SDA language school.

Right after 9/11, Curtis and Karen Zarska Styer flew to Venezuela to conduct a 30-day evangelistic series as part of the Faulkenberg team. Later, they teamed up again in the Johnstown, PA area for year-long ministry. This resulted in 17 baptisms! 

Curtis is a seasoned bible worker and evangelist and is willing to donate his time (1-6 mos.) to the Kitale, Kenya mission project. His main focus will be mentoring Pastor Benjamin, who seeks biblical truth and may be interested in becoming an SDA minister. This would require intensive study of the 27 SDA doctrines.