Curtis Delzell

Curtis Delzell 2018

Curtis graduated from Weimar College with a degree in Pastoral Ministry in 1999. He was a student missionary for 2 years in Japan, where he learned Japanese and taught English at the SDA language school.

Right after 9/11, Curtis and Karen Zarska Styer flew to Venezuela to conduct a 30-day evangelistic series as part of the Faulkenberg team. Later, they teamed up again in the Johnstown, PA area for year-long ministry. This resulted in 17 baptisms! 

Curtis is a seasoned bible worker and evangelist and is willing to donate his time (1-6 mos.) to the Kitale, Kenya mission project

Now it’s time to become involved! There are several ways to participate: Use Zelle or Google Pay to OR PayPal.

Curtis Delzell

Donate to his Kenya mission trip beginning the 2nd week of June!