November 23, 2018

From Meg and Denetra:

Thursday was our final day in Kitale. We sang songs and wrapped things up by forming a circle and holding hands and praying, singing and praising God. Our God is still in the heavenly sanctuary, giving each of us time to come to Him and heal our bitter roots so that we can be set free from sin!

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November 15, 2018

From Meg and Denetra:

Hi! We are in Dubai airport getting ready to board to Nairobi. It’s been a long night. We started at midnight from Las Vegas to JFK (5 hrs) THEN 12 hours to Dubai; now 4.5 hrs. to Nairobi. We are amazed that Karen did this all by her big, bad self!

We are totally exhausted. Denetra took a sleeping pill and slept about 5 hours. I slept about 2 hrs, on and off. It was very uncomfortable but we are happy we’re almost there!

November 2, 2018

From Karen Zarska Styer:

Hello everyone. Another very blessed day as the Lord helped me share with power and freedom the Most Holy Place message. I explained first about the special Day of Atonement and then all about what it means to us personally and experientially.

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