Journey to Kenya 4

Pastor Curtis Delzell

Curtis just boarded the van shuttle from Nairobi, Kenya to Kitale (about 8 hours away). Finally!!! There have been many twists and turns to the previous leg of his journey but I’ll address that in another blog.

Leonard and Eve, a young couple in Nairobi, graciously opened their home to Curtis over the weekend. Those of us here in America give you a big big thank you! Leo took Curtis to the terminal and waited until the van arrived just a few minutes ago.

Curtis and Leo

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Gideon’s New Phone

Thank you, donors, for helping God answer my prayer before I even prayed! My cell phone quit working and was beyond repair. I was frantic! This is how I do my research for school and it’s my only link to my American family! I knew it would be a very long time until I could afford $90 for a new one.

Sabbath evening, I contacted Mom (Brenda Zarska) using a friend’s phone. I told her dejectedly that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with her for awhile because my phone was broken. She told me excitedly that God had already solved our problem. Over the weekend, one donor sent $50 and another gave $20!

One minute I was discouraged and the next minute I was praising God! Thank you again for letting God use you to help a little guy from Kenya. Now I can study for classes, call my wonderful wife and baby boy, and stay in daily contact with my American mom!

Journey to Kenya 3


Mid-January for much of the United States typically means cold temperatures and snow. My buddy, Coco, and I were a few hours past the halfway point on our 2-day trek from Kansas to the East Coast. I had driven 12 of the total 20 hours and was getting VERY sleepy. I saw a cluster of lights at the next exit. I pulled off I-70 a little bit north of Dayton, Ohio, and found a vacant parking lot. I decided to leave the truck idling because of the cold. I leaned the seat back and fell blissfully asleep. I awoke to a wet doggie tongue on my face. Then I noticed the absolute quiet and the numbing cold. The truck had run out of fuel in one of the 2 tanks. I flipped the switch to change to the second tank, which was full, and tried to start the truck. It wouldn’t start!

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Little Samuel Sees White

Samuel Mogaka

Our village was looking forward to the arrival of Sister Karen from America last October! None of us knew what to expect: Was she old or young, was she easy to know and most of all, would Jesus come with her? I can say with assurance that Jesus came with her! All who met Sister Karen soon fell in love with her. The children loved hearing her stories and they seemed to want to be with her wherever she went.

My 4-yr-old son, Samuel, first saw Sister Karen as she walked to the pulpit that first Sabbath. He could hardly keep his eyes from her and moved to the front of the church seating. After her sermon, Samuel got the chance to shake her hand. I noticed his excitement but I couldn’t quite figure out why he seemed so animated whenever he looked at her.

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Journey to Kenya 2


In November of 2016, I got a friend request on one of my social media accounts. I get numerous requests every week from people I don’t know. I usually ignore them for obvious reasons. This time, I clicked into the account and looked for the telltale signs of a bogus account. It appeared to be genuine. It was a gentleman from Kenya who pastors a church. We’ve occasionally exchanged greetings and light conversation ever since.

As I drove back to Kansas from the oilfields of Texas, I was thinking about Karen Zarska Styer’s trip to Kenya and I immediately thought about the need for someone to continue the her work after she came back to America. I mentioned to my Kenyan friend what Karen was doing and where she was located and we were delighted to find out that Kitale is just in the adjoining county! He invited me to come and speak in his church, if and when I made it to Kenya.

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