Gideon Goes to School

Gideon Peddling to School

Gideon Mogaka is a 29-year old husband and father in a small village in NW Kenya (about 8 hrs. from Nairobi). He is a free-lance videographer, choir director, and avid SDA church member. He adores his wife and 4-year old son, Samuel.

Gideon & Samuel

Gideon is also a leader in his community and wants to work professionally with troubled youth.

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Gideon on the Sisters

Before Sisters’ Karen, Meg, and Denetra came to my community, I could only imagine their impact. I worried that my English wouldn’t be good enough or that I wouldn’t be able to understand their English. The first to arrive was Sister Karen. She immediately put my fears to rest by speaking slowly and distinctly. She kept encouraging me to practice my English pronunciation and even tried to learn a few words in Swahili!

Even though Swahili is our first language, all Kenyan children are also taught English as soon as they start school. But we rarely have the opportunity to learn the subtle pronunciation differences with a real English-speaking European or American! I thoroughly enjoyed getting better (I hope) with my conversational English after working with Karen for three weeks followed by Meg & Denetra for 10 days. Continue reading “Gideon on the Sisters”

Gideon on America

USflagWhat is the common view of America in my community?

Firstly, America is highly respected as the superpower of the world. If we know someone from America, we feel privileged and are more respected in our community.

Secondly, we think Americans are “stinking rich.” President Obama arrived here in ‘the beast’ (the presidential limousine), BeastSMso we think ALL Americans have expensive cars and wear expensive clothes. Television typically portrays wealthy instead of poor Americans, which also colors our view.

Finally, Kenya is at least 75% poor so when Americans come to Kenya, they seem to come with gifts for the poor and they frequently set up programs that will benefit the poor, like starting orphanages.

After hosting Sisters’ Karen, Meg, and Denetra, our preconceived ideas had to be adjusted. I invite you to post any question you might have for me. I’ll do my best to answer!!

Gideon is Back!

I didn’t hear from Gideon for quite a number of days and I was getting very worried because of the instability in the country. I finally did hear from him. Gideon’s absence was because he could not renew his phone minutes. His monthly cell phone bill is only $5 so I sent him $20 by Western Union and the problem is solved for the time being.

Thank you for your prayers! We’ll have another blog post from Gideon in a day or two!

Gideon & Samuel

Gideon Mogaka

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I am a Seventh-day Adventist videographer who taped the sermons of Sisters’ Karen, Meg, and Denetra when they were here in Kenya. I am also a choir director. In addition to recording and producing our CDs, I am qualified to compose music and train the newest generation of choir directors and videographers!

Samuel Mogaka

My wife, Josephellah, is a private school teacher. Our son, Samuel, is 4 years old. How do you stop children from growing up so fast? It seems like yesterday that he was a babe in arms and now we can hardly keep up with him!