Pastor Curtis in Kenya 17

I want to introduce you to Gabriel. He is a knowledgeable and deliberate church leader.

Gabriel Wangila

Gabriel asks a lot of challenging questions which have prompted deeper study. As a result, God has revealed some startling discoveries.

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Great Controversies Arrive!

I was told that copies of the Desire of Ages that I had wanted arrived from Nairobi. When I got to the tiny Adventist Book Center in town, I discovered they were Great Controversies. I got 10 of them in Swahili for $1 each. I was told that someone subsidized them or each copy would have cost $6. So some saint somewhere has given a gift that makes it possible for Kenyans to have a softcover of the Great Controversy for 100 Kenyan shillings or $1.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 16

Because of my lack of transportation, I was an hour late to my bible study class. Thankfully, the core students waited for me! By God’s design, Pastor Dan made a point of being in attendance. It turned out that the student who translated to Swahili for me, had issues with the topics of the Ten Commandments and Sabbath observance. Pastor Dan’s presence kept him from straying from a true interpretation of my commentary. I suspect that the student may not be back to the study group.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 15

Our little Bible study group had a fantastic time together! Tomorrow morning, we will establish, without doubt, that the 10 commandments of Exodus, are the sole standard by we prove our loyalty to God’s government.

After lunch, we raise the role of Sabbath observance as the Sign of Allegiance to our Creator. It’s a big day! I encourage everyone to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Curtis Goes to Town

I thought I would share with you what the market in Kitale looks like.

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Pastor Dan is pictured with the pineapples; the building on the corner is what we would call an Office Max/Kinko’s.

Elder Elijah and Pastor Dan seemed to know everyone and often stopped to chat. It was an all day affair to get some produce and a few things at the grocery store.

I came home to this…

Resident Cat

Apparently he felt like the chair in the living room wasn’t comfortable enough.

Pastor Curtis in Kenya 14 (huge tree)

I have a few nature pictures that I thought you might like to see. I was at the SDA Church in Bungoma this huge tree. I wish I knew it’s name.

Then at pastor Benjamin’s Church, I saw what I thought were goats but it turned out they’re sheep! Donkeys are everywhere!

I also had to throw in a chicken picture 😂

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Pastor Curtis Needs Transportation!

Pastor Benjamin has the only car available for our group of people!

Pastor Benjamin’s Car

Pastor Dan doesn’t even have a motorcycle. Before I arrived in Kenya, we had raised enough funds to purchase a used motorbike or car. However, the debacle with customs regarding my two pieces of checked luggage (they charged me $275 per bag), most of that $1,000 set aside for my transportation needs was used up for unexpected customs fees in the various countries.

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