Investigative Judgment

By Carol Zarska, author, public speaker, counselor (Masters in Pastoral Counseling), mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

In the Christian world today there is little if any understanding of the concept of an investigative judgment in which God’s people are required to be intelligent participants. In this article I will bring together appropriate scriptures and Spirit of Prophecy quotations which I hope will help to clarify this important topic.

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For Such a Time as This

Christa Negley, PhD, and Pastor Dan Barassa, Swahili interpreter here, work together to present an inspiring sermon on end-time events! I think you’ll even enjoy the back-and-forth between English and Swahili!

Christa & Pastor Dan

For more sermons from Kenya 2021 by Karen Styer and Christa Negley, visit our YouTube channel, Our YouTube channel

Christa with Pastor Benjamin

Pastor Benjamin joined us for supper and spiritual fellowship at Elder Elijah’s home. We had a wonderful time together. He has started reading my book, Who Can Stand, and wants to keep in touch with us through weekly Zoom meetings.

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Keroka – Part 3

From Karen: I just want to report that the Lord blessed mightily in my ministry to Gibson and his group in Keroka for 4 days. The Lord walked very closely with me day by day to know how to share and unfold the Cleansing Message in a more detailed way than I have ever done. I was so grateful for His answered prayers to help me share the deep levels of cleansing necessary for the remnant people.

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