Christa at Mang’ana

This week, I spoke at a camp meeting that covers many churches. This is Pastor Dan’s district. Once again, he was my translator. I was able to share, in great detail, the steps through the Sanctuary, beginning with the Gates of Praise, the Alter of Sacrifice, and the Laver.

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Keroka – Part 2

We (Karen & Gideon) finally got to Gibson‘s group and I was able to jump right in and share the whole cleansing message from beginning to end. The Lord really blessed again. The Adventist lady with whom I’m staying in Keroka, came with me and was very impressed with the message! She is excited about sharing it in her location which is in the town of Kisii.

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Keroka – Part 1

Karen’s 3rd week was supposed to be spent with a man named Gibson, with whom she has been working for over a year. He and his dedicated Adventist group in Keroka, Kenya, are understanding the Cleansing Message. She preaches every Sabbath morning from her home in West Virginia, using Zoom and Gibson translates.

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A Taxi Driver, 2 Sermons, & the Market

Elder Elijah could not take me to my meeting or do the translating today because he was taking Karen to Keroka.

Taxi driver, Leban

Elder Elijah arranged for an SDA taxi driver to drive Pastor Dan and me to our venue. His name is Leban. He stays with us all day and listens to the message and then takes us home, which is roughly an hour away.

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Karen Stuck in Mud

It has been raining like crazy, making all roads so muddy. We started our day dodging huge holes and craters in the roads that are challenging even in the dry season! With the torrential rains, we can’t tell whether an innocent mud hole is a crater big enough to swallow our car!

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