Pastor Curtis in Kenya 7 (Chakalaka)

Today (Sunday) was a lazy day. I didn’t go anywhere but I got hungry. I looked through the food stuffs I’ve been collecting all week and I came up with a new creation I call: BOOM! Chakalaka!

Food stuffs
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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 6 (prison chapel)

I’m praying with one of the top leaders of the SDA Chaplaincy at the prison.

Praying before keynote speech

Historically, there was a lot of discrimination against Seventh-day Adventists in the prison system. Now, there is an Adventist Secretary of the Interior and also an Adventist at the Supreme Court.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 5

I gave the keynote address at the culmination of a week-long SDA camp meeting within the walls of the Kitale prison. I shared parts of my testimony that go way back to the Quiet Hour prison Minister, Keith Johnson, back in 1991.

SDA Chaplaincy at Kitale Prison

Pastor Dan then baptized 100 inmates, including 20 women! Here is a 15 second video of the women being baptized.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 3

My two new friends are making life in Kenya a whole lot easier! Pastor Dan is on the left and Elder Elijah is on the right. Tomorrow I will spend some time with a denominational conference president.

Pastor Dan, Curtis, Elder Elijah

Friday, I’m going to a prison with my two new friends to do some prison ministry. Pastor Dan will be baptizing an inmate. If possible, I will get pictures and video.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 2

I woke up today at 5am after a good nights’ sleep, the first good night since the day I slept like a baby after landing in Nairobi.

I consulted with an SDA pharmacist yesterday about back pain after the trip here. One doesn’t have to see a Doctor here to get a prescription! The pharmacist set me up with a couple of different kinds of pills – one is a mixture of tylenol and some strong NSAIDS and the other is pregabalin which I think he said was a muscle relaxer. The whole visit – consult and a weeks’ worth of meds was: 770 Kenyan shillings or $7.70. I felt ridiculous accepting change from a 1000 shilling note so I told the guy to keep it.

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Pastor Curtis in Kenya 1

I got into the room at Afrikana Yard at about 9pm last night. By the way, we are 7 hrs. ahead of Eastern Time. Apparently, its not unusual for the power to go out when it rains, which was the state of things as I arrived. My phone and tablet were close to dead when I got here and there was still no power when I left the room today at 10:30am with Pastor Dan.

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Journey to Kenya 4

Pastor Curtis Delzell

Curtis just boarded the van shuttle from Nairobi, Kenya to Kitale (about 8 hours away). Finally!!! There have been many twists and turns to the previous leg of his journey but I’ll address that in another blog.

Leonard and Eve, a young couple in Nairobi, graciously opened their home to Curtis over the weekend. Those of us here in America give you a big big thank you! Leo took Curtis to the terminal and waited until the van arrived just a few minutes ago.

Curtis and Leo

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