Pastor Curtis Gets a Car! Finally

For over 2 months, I have depended on others to take me to my Bible study group (30 minutes), grocery shopping, and Sabbath services. Public transportation is cost prohibitive.

We tried to buy a local car and Karen, Pastor Bill, Benjamin, his dad, and I made the trip to nearby Eldoret to car-shop at the used car lots. Nothing worked!

Today, I bought a mid ’90s Toyota Corolla. With me were pastors Bill, Benjamin and his dad. Used car standards here are different than in the USA but I think the Toyota will serve my purpose.

Ben’s dad, Bill, Ben, Curtis

Today unfortunately, my students and I had a flat tire as we headed home. I was wearing my best suit and the road was a mud field from the rains!

Fortunately, we were near the paved highway so my students hailed public transportation. Pastor Benjamin and his dad took charge of fixing the car.

The Toyota is a 5-speed manual transmission and has the operator controls on the right side. In this case, being ambidextrous is a huge advantage. Everyone was surprised to see how easily shifting with my left hand comes to me. I’m driving on the left side of the road like I’ve been doing it all my life.

Pastors Curtis & Benjamin

But roads and drivers in Kenya are treacherous. Please keep us in prayer. Karen, Benjamin, Dan and I had a close call Friday night as we got a ride from the shuttle terminal in Kitale to our homes. We just barely avoided a head-on collision with an oncoming car that veered over into our lane. Our shuttle driver had to leave the roadway. Fortunately there was a clear shoulder, so everything turned out okay.

Author: Brenda Zarska

I am preparing for Jesus soon return. I study the Bible and EGW writings.

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